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Photography, ya we again found a team of young Coimbatorians who have different eyes to see. Their click has an feel, and an touch. Continue read about them,

Ok, what are you guys, how you came together?

We are The Memory Writers.  We got together via a mutual friend, who is also a photographer with similar tastes as us. We bonded well right from our first meet. Our discussions went on from formal introductions-to- how to do this-to- types of cameras used-to places travelled –to- what movie to watch next and what not. All, over a cup of coffee.


Memory writers, how many memories have you captured?

We have so far recorded 37 wonderful ones both in India and abroad through our camera-eye and we hope to keep increasing this number.


There are many capturers, how different are you guys?

We are different because we are a family. We completely understand the emotions that a family goes through and we try to capture all of them. We will also get married some day you know, we have our own dreams on how our wedding should be shot and so will each couple who want us to shoot their golden moments. Our bond with them helps us to understand what they want from us. Also, our relationship with our clients just does not end with the shoots. We keep in touch with each one of them. We make it a point to wish them personally on their anniversaries and the happiness that they express in return makes all the effort worth it. We have our own way of portraying emotions and that is what sets us apart from the rest.


What type of cameras have you tried?

We have used all sorts of cameras! They range from vintage cameras to mobile phone cameras to digital cameras to dslrs! The vintage Twin Lens Reflect is our favourite. It gives us the feel of good old film roll times.


What do you think is the best part of a person’s life?

Every time there is a genuine, happy smile from the heart, it is the best.  Nothing else matters when there is happiness. Nothing can stop one if they have the courage to face all their hardships with a smile.


What do you really miss in capturing?

We miss capturing all the happy moments of the clients we cannot take on because of our busy schedule and clashing dates! We really feel bad that we are missing out on those beautiful moments. But, we are working on it and we will soon not miss anything!


Let us know the fun that you can’t forget.

Selfie is the new thing in town, so we take selfies of ourselves in almost every shoot that we go. Those are own souvenirs from each of the weddings we go. Those are our little memories that we cannot forget.


How do you see the world?

The world is our oyster. We love to travel when we are not busy with wedding shoots. There are so many things to see and so many things to experience. We want to see all of it before age becomes a factor for us to consider.


What about your future?

We are young and our future is what we make.  Our dreams are different and we have no idea what the future has in store for us. But we know one thing for sure; we will always be creating memories.


Message for young photographers of Coimbatore.

“Having a fancy DSLR does not make one a photographer. What makes you one is practising and experimenting every day.  Try to learn something new every day and before you know it, you’ll be a photographer making some amazing memories!”



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Young Coimbatore

Young Coimbatore - Young Photographers - Le memorie


Young Coimbatore - Young Photographers…

Photography, ya we again found a team of young Coimbatorians who have ...

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