Kamal Hassan launches ‘Viswaroopam’ audio in Coimbatore

 Kamal Hassan stares out of a number of colourful posters at the entrance of Hindustan College of Arts and Science on Friday. ‘Kovai welcome to our universal hero’ screams one of them.

His fans show up in droves, wear big smiles on their faces, and walk swiftly to the venue. Inside, it’s a frenzy.

A live orchestra belts out singari sarakku nalla sarakku, ilamai idho idho…and the fans start dancing. They scream, twirl their handkerchiefs in the air, and move their body rhythmically to the beats. It’s a big day for Kamal Hassan’s fans and they are living it up.

Their hero will be here anytime to launch the audio of his new film Viswaroopam.

As the beats of Ilaiyaraaja’s Megam kottattum begins, the star arrives in style on a chopper. The fans rise up, give a collective cheer and wave to their hero from the ground. He gets a rousing welcome as he walks to the stage.

As eager fans elbow their way to get a closer look of their idol, there is total chaos. Once the frenzy settles down, he speaks.

Looking dapper in a white and black outfit, he smiles as he waves to his fans, and says: “Coimbatore is special to me,” much to the cheer of the audience. “My birthplace is Ramanathapuram. In Coimbatore too, there’s a Ramanthapuram, where M.M.A. Chinnappa Thevar of Thevar Films saw the actor in me for the first time and encouraged me. From then on to the time I did the film Sathileelavathi where I speak the Coimbatore slang, many have asked me if I am from Coimbatore and I tell them yes I am.”

He introduces the musicians of his film Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy and says: “They have mesmerised me, and lyricist Variamuthu with their music. Now, they are going to do the same to you.”

“It’s a cute song,” announces Shankar Mahadevan and sings ‘Unnai Kaanadhu Inru Naanillaye…vidhai illamal vaer Illaye”, and Kamal Hassan joins him. The actor has written the lyrics of the song. As Shankar belts out the theme song of Viswaroopam, Kamal Hassan and Pooja Kumar clap, and move to the beat gracefully.

About the content of the film, the actor says, “It’s a mix of beauty and the brains.”

With Viswaroopam, the versatile actor also introduces the Aura 3D sound technology. “I get goose bumps when I stand here in front of you. The sound technology will make you feel the same way inside a movie hall. It immerses you totally in the sound. Viswaroopam is the second film in the world and the first in Asia to have used the technology,” he says with visible pride.

Jaya TV’s launch of the audio follows. The star hands over the first CD to a fan from the audience, smiles again, and disappears from the stage in a flash.

Source: The Hindu

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