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We never give importance to what is temporary. Milk teeth are the same and most neglected, the very common reason being they will fall off. Yes they will, but if they are made it is for a reason. Most of the time parents miss decayed milk teeth because children can’t express discomfort or pain as we do. Children express dental pain not just by crying, but also by avoiding food. But parents go on the misconception that the child is a problem eater.

Your baby's teeth perform the following functions:

  • Help maintain a healthy body
  • Help provide nutrition
  • Help make speech possible
  • Aid in the normal development of the jaw bones and facial muscles
  • Add to an attractive appearance
  • Reserve space for the permanent teeth and help guide them into position

Most common misconception is that all tooth in childhood will shed, NO parents should be aware of a very important fact that at 6 years of age, even before any milk tooth falls  permanent teeth called molars grows behind the last milk teeth. This is also called as grinders the tooth which is very important for chewing during adulthood. The permanent or adult teeth when they erupt are not fully matured and take about four years after eruption into the mouth to mature, this is a critical period, if the milk or baby teeth have decay they become a big threat to the newly erupted permanent teeth.

A penny spent on prevention is thousands saved on pain and treatment. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests the first dental visit of the child to be immediately after the first tooth erupts or atleast by 1 year of age. The reason is to prevent. The baby teeth shows signs and areas of weakness even before decay starts, your Pediatric dentist will be able to guide you through out the child’s growth for a normal development of teeth and jaws, and the process is called Anticipatory Guidance.

A Healthy mouth is the beginning of a healthy body and a healthy life. Our mission at WE LITTLE, an exclusive dental and orthodontic care centre for children, teens and special ones is “BUILDING HEALTHY FUTURE”.  Gift your child the freedom from pain, the freedom from decay; gift your child a HEALTHY FUTURE.

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