Young coimbatore - Sumanth Subbarao - Mentor


1. Why business? 

Right from my teens, I had the entrepreneurial bug in me. With my MBA degree, I wanted to have some work experience in the area of human resources before I start my own business. It was always my thought to give back something to the society in my area of expertise. 

2. Why HOPE Factory? 

We see every student as an unpolished diamond. Each one of us are capable of to achieve our aspirations, but we need a bit of push, a bit of polishing, a bit of sculpting; and this is what I have set out to do as part of Hope factory along with couple of liked minded gentlemen Mr. Senthil Nallasamy and Mr. Niresh Gunasekaran. 

3. How you came up with this idea? 

Having met a lot of students & interviewing them as part of my job, I felt there was a huge gap in their employability factor specifically in the areas in and around Coimbatore. Students get to score marks, but lack a bit of confidence, exposure and direction compared to a student in Major Metros. Though many students in this area get to score good marks, they are not able to convert that to a good job due to lack of certain behavioral skills. So, we as a team decided to impart life skills to students and help them succeed in life.

4. What life skills do you impart in HF? 

HF deals with two facets of operations. For institutions, we enable the teaching community to instill passion in teaching; and aspects that will help the Gen-Y learn better. For students, we help them build on their dreams and provide them with insights into developing the necessary life skills. 

5. How did your parent's react, to your business venture? 

It was not easy for them to digest the fact that I was leaving a high paid job to start a business. 
However, they realized that it was my dream to do this and backed me up completely. I would like to recall what my Dad told me here. "If you truly believe in your passion, look at things that should not happen, you will excel and achieve your dream" 

6. How many hopes have you created? 

HF is an 18 month old organization. We have created hope to 4300 people last year with our programs and we are trying to reach more and more in the coming months and years. 

7. What have you learnt from your life? 

If you really "Believe" in what you want to achieve, it will surely happen & there is a beautiful story hidden in each one of us, to narrate. 

8. What is your hope? 

There are many.. Hope to reach more people with our offerings.. Hope to transform more lives.. Hope to contribute to the society.. Hope for a better India.

9. HF, after 5 years? 

In 5 years, we will have our presence felt all over Tamilnadu and will be creating hope in more than 10000 students each year! 

10. What do you think about Coimbatore? 

An entrepreneurial, clean city with high values is what comes to my mind. Coimbatore will always help people like us feel good about what we do and continue to have a notable name in our Indian map. Wherever I travel I take my body, but my heart is always stays in this beautiful city..

11. What do you Coimbatore needs? 

We don't need any major change. We just need simple change in people like........We should keep our city clean, obey traffic rules, put trash in the bin & give way to ambulance. We should continue to Live and Let Live! I am also a co-founder in an organization called Souls Of India which reaches out to school children and enthuses the next generation to be responsible and patriotic 

12. Your message to young Coimbatore? 

"If 'YOU' don't chase your dreams.. no one else will... St. Arthur Hope


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